Using a Nose and Ear Piercing Chain

A nose and ear piercing chain can be used as a stylish way to connect your piercings. These pieces of jewelry are typically solid sterling silver and are perfect for connecting double nostril piercings or upper ear piercings.

Using a Nose and Ear Piercing Chain
Using a Nose and Ear Piercing Chain

About the piercing chain

The nose and ear piercing chain is a fashion statement that originated in India. These chains are typically made of metal. However, you can also use rosary beads or other connectors as an alternative. It is a simple yet attractive way to accessorize your piercings.

When choosing a piercing chain, it is best to choose one that is symmetrical with the rest of your body. It should be large enough to fit over the piercing, and it should also be small enough not to cover the surrounding skin. If you have a double nostril piercing, it is a good idea to choose a chain that fits between them.

The most common piercing is the nose. The nose can be pierced with a stud, a ring, or a stud. A stud can be made from gold or silver. A stud with a captive ball at the end can look stylish and subtle.

It links two piercings

This piercing is a new trend that links two piercings: the nose and ear. Compared to traditional piercings, this one is more personal and stylish. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it also catches the light. People with this piercing often have a high-shine procession. However, it should be noted that it is not for everyone.

There are many different styles and materials used for this type of piercing. Stainless steel is commonly used, and it is hypoallergenic. Alternatively, you can go for 14K gold, which is a little more expensive but looks good. Nevertheless, it is worth considering your budget when choosing a piece of jewelry.

The nose piercing is the most popular type of facial piercing. The placement of the piercing depends on your personal preference and the anatomy of your nose.

It’s a fashion accessory

Having a nose and ear piercing chain can give you a unique look. Usually made of metal or chain links, it can be made to look like a nose ring or earring. These accessories can be found on a variety of celebrities.

Historically, nose chains were worn by women in South Asia. In Hindu tradition, the bride wears one on her wedding night. The bride wears the nose chain by hooking it to her hair or earring. The bridegroom then removes it, symbolizing the end of her virginity. However, the trend has evolved into more modern times. While some may consider it trashy, the majority of people who choose to get piercings are doing it for aesthetic purposes. In other words, they are choosing to express their individuality and self-confidence.

It’s a medical procedure

Piercing can be an expensive endeavor. After a nose or ear piercing, patients need to wash and dry their ears and nose thoroughly. They should not use cloth towels to clean the piercing, which can harbor bacteria. Also, cloth towels can rub on the jewelry and cause injury.

Ear and nose piercing has several risks. Piercings require open wounds in the nose, which are susceptible to infections. Harmful bacteria can multiply and cause infection. Infection can be very painful and can also lead to deformity and perichondritis. If you are concerned about the risk of infection, it is best to seek medical advice.

The area where you have your piercing should be cleaned daily with a cotton swab soaked in saline. You should also avoid picking at the jewelry. While the healing process for your piercing will vary, you should expect the healing to be complete in a few months.

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