Two Nose Piercing Chains

If you’re looking for two nose piercing chains that will complement your nose piercings, look no further than this set. It includes two nose bones that measure 1/4″ each, connected by a rhodium-plated brass chain that dangles across the bridge of the nose. Both nose bones are adorned with 1.5mm cubic zirconia jewels. The first pair has prong-set crystals, while the second pair is bezel-set.

Two Nose Piercing Chains


The two nose piercing chain hoop is made of two parts, the smaller portion and the larger part. The smaller part is hinged to the larger one, and both parts are connected with clickers. Clean your hands and the hoop with an antibacterial soap before inserting it into the piercing. Make sure your piercing has completely healed before you put the hoop on.

When choosing a two-nape piercing chain hoop, it is important to remember your gauge. If your gauge is smaller, you will need a bigger jewelry than a person with a larger one. Capsules and pinchers will fit smaller gauges, but you should consider your size and gauge when choosing a piercing. If you normally wear small jewelry, you may like the dangly look of this type of jewelry.


An L-shaped two-nose piercing chain can be placed on one or both nostrils. The chain is made with a gold PVD-coated surgical-grade stainless-steel L-shaped post. The L-shaped piercing is complemented by a beaded or gemstone top. The nose ring’s shape is similar to a corkscrew, with the shaft bending at 90 degrees and sitting against the inside roof of the nostril. This design is much less fussy than a hook, but it can sometimes pinch thicker membranes and slip out.

L-shaped two-nose piercing chains are incredibly versatile. They can be used with a variety of nose studs, including nose rings. Some of these are removable, while others are permanent. Depending on your personal preference, you can wear them as long as they’re comfortable.


Press-fit jewelry is a snap-together system that can be worn through multiple piercings. But it’s important to choose the right type for your piercing. Make sure the post and the attached end are the right size for your piercing.

If you have a nostril piercing, the most difficult part of changing press-fit jewelry is changing the post. The piercer needs to insert the post from the inside of the nose and then push the decorative end into the post. Changing the jewelry in a nostril piercing is a delicate process, so it’s a good idea to consult a piercer to help you make the right choice. A piercer who has experience in press-fit jewelry should be able to guide you through the process.

After a nose piercing, the area may feel warm, red, and swollen. The pain may be mild or moderate and may subside after a few days. In the case of persistent pain, you should seek medical attention.


Bull-holders with two nose pierced chains are commonly used in agricultural shows. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or copper and are typically three to five inches in diameter. They usually have a brass bolt head, which is broken off during installation. To remove them, the bull-holders must be unscrewed or cut off.


Traditionally, bull-holders used a nose ring to control aggressive behavior. The nose ring is attached to a chain or staff, which bull handlers hold on to. The pain the bull feels from the ring makes it less likely to charge at its handler.

Fake hoop

To create a fake hoop for nose piercing, you’ll need a few supplies. First, you’ll need a flat surface and a mirror. Next, you’ll need a piece of wire. You can use florist’s wire if you’re trying to create a thin hoop or use a headpin if you’re trying to achieve a thicker hoop. Then, cut the wire into a circle shape.

Another option for a fake hoop is a septum clicker. These are very easy to insert and are safe for use. You can even decorate them with small gemstones or beads for extra style.

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