How to Care For a Double Chain Nose Piercing

There are a number of different options for getting a double chain nose piercing. These options include the L-shape prong, a spiral-shaped prong, and a septum piercing. Choosing the right piercing style depends on your individual preferences and needs.

Care for a double chain nose piercing

After getting your double chain nose piercing, you’ll need to know how to care for it properly. The first step is to keep it clean and fresh. You can clean your piercing with a saline solution, which is easily available at pharmacies or online. You should avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean it, as these ingredients can dry out the skin and slow down the healing process. Avoid using cloth towels, as they can harbor bacteria and snag on the jewelry, which can be painful.

When caring for your double chain nose piercing, remember to be careful not to stretch the septum. This cartilaginous wall sits between the nostrils and is 1.6 mm in size. It will heal in a couple of months, but it’s best to avoid extending it more than 1 mm, since it can cause pain.

Avoiding irritants

When cleaning your piercing, it’s important to avoid irritants and disinfectants. Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can irritate your piercing, as well as ointments, which may clog the hole. These products can also harbor bacteria.

When using a face mask, make sure it doesn’t get too close to your piercing. If it does, it can be difficult to remove the residue. Instead, use a formula mask that can be strategically applied to areas where there’s no piercing. Kiehl’s Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque is a great choice for the pierced area.

A salt bath is also beneficial for healing, and should be repeated twice daily. A fresh cotton swab is also an excellent antiseptic. Make sure to avoid picking at your jewelry, as this can cause a bump. Also, avoid touching your pierced nose for about a month. Make sure you consult a specialist if you experience persistent tenderness or discomfort. If there’s an infection, it may spread to other areas of your face.

Avoiding keloids after a double chain nose piercing

The first step in avoiding keloids after a double chain nose-piercing is to know your piercer’s recommendations and follow those guidelines. Keloids are raised scars that form around the piercing site. They are irregular in shape, can be red, blue, brown, or even black, and can be small or very large. They can take between three and 12 months to develop.

During the healing period, you should keep a clean environment around your piercing. It is important to keep the area free of dust, make-up, or other irritants. A sea salt solution can be applied to the area, which will help reduce swelling.

Getting a septum piercing

A septum piercing is a popular alternative to double chain nose piercings. Septum piercing jewelry includes “captive bead” rings, circular barbells with bead centers, and a “tusk”-shaped piece of material. While septum piercing jewelry can be difficult to apply yourself, you can often do it at home. However, make sure to get the advice of a piercing artist before getting a septum piercing.

The best place to get a septum piercing is a part of the nose that covers the cartilage covering the columella, the cartilaginous structure separating the left and right sides of the nose. The septum is a thin piece of flesh that is positioned near the front of the nose. A septum piercing is commonly accompanied by nose jewelry that is easy to hide. A septum piercing can be a beautiful accent to any outfit. Whether you choose to wear a jeweled mandala, a delicate gold ring, or even a full hoop, the result is a piercing that is sure to make a statement.

Cost of a double chain nose piercing

Getting a double chain nose piercing is not cheap. Depending on your location, you can spend anywhere from $40 to $60 for this procedure. However, you should keep in mind that the jewelry you choose will increase the price. While most studios provide basic jewelry, you may have to pay an additional $20 to $60 for more fancy jewelry. Additionally, you will have to pay a standard 5% to 15% gratuity to your piercer. You can also get discounts if you are a repeat customer or get two or more piercings at the same studio.

The cost of a double chain nose piercng depends on several factors, including the location of the studio and the type of jewelry you choose. A well-known studio chain will charge a higher rate than an up-and-coming local piercer. Professional piercers are also more likely to use sterilized needles and sanitized equipment. Additionally, many professional studios use implant-grade jewelry, which decreases the risk of infection and lifts the cost.

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