Double Piercing Nose Chain

A double piercing nose chain is made of stainless steel and alloy. This type of piercing is often made with the nose’s natural curve in mind. Other options include a Septum barbell or L-shape nose ring. You can also get these nose rings in various finishes, including a self-locking or spring-closing version.

Stainless steel piercing with alloy chain

The most obvious difference between a stainless steel piercing and an alloy chain is the material used to create the piercing. A stainless steel piercing is made from stainless steel, while an alloy chain is made of a metal alloy. While both materials are durable, the former has many advantages. Stainless steel is easier to clean and lasts much longer.

Stainless steel comes in several grades. The most common is 316L, which contains trace amounts of nickel. Another option is 316LVM, which is produced in a vacuum and is a softer steel. Regardless of the material used, a dermatologist should be consulted prior to getting a piercing to determine which type is best for your skin type.

A stainless steel piercing may contain traces of nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction. For this reason, you should make sure you find a stainless steel piercing chain with a nickel-free chain. This will avoid any complications.

L-shaped nose ring

A L-shaped double piercing nose ring has two prongs that are equally spaced. The first one is straight with a wide end and the second one is narrower and shorter. The L-shaped prong will be less likely to slide out of the piercing, but it is important to choose the correct style for your particular piercing. You should ask your piercer to recommend a style and help you determine which one is best for you.

An L-shaped double piercing nose ring is similar to a corkscrew, except the L-shape is bent at an angle and sits against the inside roof of the nose. They may feel a little fussy, but they won’t hurt or pinch your nose as easily. This type of nose ring is best for people with regular nostril piercings.

An L-shaped double piercing nose ring is made of stainless steel and comes in a set of three. The post is 6mm in diameter and is adjustable, so it can be worn for a long time. The piercer will be able to shape the L-shaped nose ring to fit the individual’s nostril.

Septum barbells

Septum barbells are circular pieces of jewelry that can be flipped upwards to cover the piercing. They are made from surgical steel, titanium, acrylic, glass, and wood. The best choice is 14k gold. Septum barbells come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Septum barbells are not fully hoop-like and do not require any special tools. In fact, they look like horseshoes or the letter C. When purchased, you should purchase a small barbell stopper for this type of piercing. Septum barbells are also ideal for nasallang piercing. These pieces consist of a bar that slides through the septum.

Septum nose rings are an alternative to traditional curved nose rings. They do not require a needle to insert and come in many colors. While they are not ideal for rhinos or bridge piercings, they may work for septum piercings. While they look very attractive and are easy to clean, they may not be as convenient to clean as other options.

Self-locking or spring-closing show-lead nose ring

A self-locking or spring-closing “show-lead” nose chain is a device that locks onto a horse’s nose. Also known as bulldogs or nose grips, this type of nose chain is typically used on agricultural shows and cattle events. These nose rings are simple to install on a horse’s nose and are often accompanied by a halter or lead rope. They measure approximately four-and-a-half inches in diameter.

Show-lead nose chains are necessary for many different situations. In many show societies, a bull must be led by two people in a halter with a nose ring. Some shows even require that the animal be led by a bull pole attached to its nose ring.

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