Double Nose Piercing With Chain

There are many different types of nose piercing. These include the Bent barbell, Bull nose ring, and vertical tip. Each of these piercings has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few tips to help you decide which is the right one for you.

Nasallang piercing

A Nasallang piercing with a chain can be a great accessory to add to your pierced nose. While a traditional straight bar is the most common style, a chain version is a more subtle and dainty choice. These piercings are more delicate and require perfect placement.

Nasallang piercing
Nasallang piercing

To care for your new piercing, you must wash your hands after every use, and apply a sterile saline solution to the wound three times a day. This solution is made by mixing a quarter teaspoon of salt in tepid water. You should also wipe the piercing with sterile cotton pads or towels. Avoid touching your piercing when you have acne or other oily skin, as this can irritate the wound.

Vertical tip piercing

Double nose piercings have various types. The bridge piercing is a popular type, while the vertical tip piercing is uncommon. Both require a third hole in the nostril and can be painful. A skilled technician must perform this piercing.

Most nostril piercings are performed on the nostril. This type of piercing offers the most variety, as jewelry can be placed in many different places. Traditionally, left nostril piercings were done to reduce the pain of menstrual and birth pain. The jewelry is typically placed just above the nostril’s natural curve.

When choosing nose piercing jewelry, be sure to choose one that is hypoallergenic and does not contain nickel. This metal is susceptible to bacterial growth and should be avoided. Also, make sure to select an appropriately-sized jewelry for your nostril.

Bull nose ring

A double nose piercing with a chain looks amazing and adds a lot of style to your face. The first step is to choose the right piercing site and piercing chain. Usually the nose stud is the best choice for beginners, but you can later switch to a hoop. The pain involved in this piercing varies, but piercers usually compare it to getting an eyebrow wax or a shot. Some people experience a sharp pain in their nose, while others say it is barely noticeable.

A double nose piercing with chain is more painful than a single piercing on an earlobe, but it’s worth it when you’re ready for a bolder style. You can also get a pierced septum, which is easier to perforate and causes less pain.

Bent barbell piercing

A double nose piercing with bent barbell is an alternative to a standard double piercing. This piercing uses a thread that can be tapped into a variety of shapes, including cubes, triangles, and cones. While a straight barbell is the most common, other types of barbells are available. The threads on these piercings are usually right-handed, as a result.

The shape of the barbell is important. A bent barbell is less likely to slide. Unlike regular barbells, this piercing does not cause damage to the cartilage or bone in the nose. However, it can be tricky to install on one’s own and might require professional assistance. Another style of bent barbell is the circular or horseshoe barbell. These are also popular for septum piercings, but tend to slide more than their straight counterparts.

Cost of a double nose piercing

The cost of a double nose piercing varies, ranging from $30 to $80. The piercer will usually include the cost of the jewelry in the overall price. A nose stud or ring costs around $10 and a chain will cost anywhere from $10 to $50. Most piercers recommend sticking with the default jewelry during the healing process, but you can choose to change it later when your nose has healed.

Most piercing studios charge $10 to $50 for basic jewelry, and you may need to pay an extra $20 or $50 if you want something fancier. Choosing the right jewelry is essential for maintaining the appearance of the piercing, but you should also consider the aftercare products that are used afterward. Aftercare products can add anywhere from $20 to $60 to the final bill. Some piercers will recommend H2Ocean or non-iodized products to keep your nose piercing clean.

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