Choosing a Piercing Nose Chain

When choosing a nose chain, there are several factors to consider, such as size, material, and type. These factors will influence your choice of nose ring and how you look after the piercing. For example, a ring that fits snugly around the nostrils may cause discomfort, and a ring that sticks out will be more conspicuous.

Choosing a Piercing Nose Chain
Choosing a Piercing Nose Chain

Opal or opal

Opal nose chains are an affordable way to adorn your pierced nose. They are a great option if you’re just getting started with your piercing and want to add a little flair to it. These nose rings are made of surgical steel and are hypoallergenic. Opals can be found in many colors and sizes. The ring is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for your first piercing.

L-shaped nose ring

L-shaped nose rings are easy to wear and remove. To do this, simply use a cotton swab to loosen the nose screw. The nose ring should then be removed without too much difficulty. It is important to note that piercings should only be performed by a qualified piercer, and you should carefully take care of your nose jewelry.

Another popular type of nose ring is the corkscrew nose ring. A corkscrew nose ring is shaped like an L, and is inserted through the nostril. These piercing chains are more secure because they don’t have a hook. However, they can cause a little bit of discomfort because the top part of the chain can poke out during sweating and sneezing.

Self-locking show-lead nose ring

Self-locking show-leads are nose rings that don’t require piercing. They are commonly used on cattle and steers to control their movements during agricultural shows. They feature a loop to attach a cord to, and can lock shut until the animal is released.

Bull nose rings can be used to keep a bull from approaching a female cow that is in heat. These nose rings are made from metal or plastic and are usually spiked to prevent the bull from getting too close to the udder.

Barbell nose ring

A barbell nose ring is a common piercing accessory. It’s a long metal bar with screwed-on ball beads on either end. The barbell is usually curved or twisted, depending on your preference. Curved barbells are suitable for nose rings on the bridge and rhinos, but are not recommended for septum piercings.

Barbell nose ring

A nose ring comes in two styles – open and closed. The open style has a bead on the open end, while the closed style has a side that clicks into a bead. The open style is also sometimes called a faux hoop. It doesn’t stick out too far and is easy to clean. For the closed bead style, you will want to choose a piercing chain of 5/16″ or 3/8″.

Octagonal nose ring

Nose chains have been worn by women in South Asia and North Africa for centuries. They can be found in many indian sculptures and have special meaning during the wedding ceremonies. In Hindu culture, the bride wears one on her wedding night to symbolize the Goddess Parvati, the goddess of marriage.

Spiral nose ring

Whether you want a simple stud or a complex spiral, there’s a style of piercing nose chain that will match your tastes and your personality. These nose rings are typically made from 14K gold and can add a touch of bling to your nose. However, it’s important to find a skilled nose piercer to get this type of piercing. This type of piercing is typically done in the septum, where cartilage is not found. You can choose a simple ring or a circular barbell, depending on the style you want. The best part is that you can easily flip the piercing upwards when you need to hide it.

Spiral nose ring

If you prefer a spiral nose ring, you can also go with a beaded one. These come with beaded top or gemstones. While they are not sharp, they are not suitable for people who have very sensitive nostrils. Since they can be difficult to insert, it’s a good idea to ask a piercer to insert them for you.

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