Choosing a Nose Chain For Double Nose Piercing

Before deciding on a nose chain for double nostril piercing, there are a few things you should know. First, you must choose a piercer you can trust. Once you’ve chosen a reputable piercer, you’ll need to choose a nose ring. After your piercing, it will be important to avoid irritants.

Double Nose Piercing
Double Nose Piercing

Side effects of a nose chain

If you have just had your nose pierced and are considering adding a nose chain, you may be wondering what to expect. This type of jewelry comes in different shapes and sizes. Although some people might be allergic to some of the metals used in these pieces, others may experience no adverse reactions.

The most common side effect of nose chains is the development of an infection in the septum or nostril. These infections can be either bacterial or fungal and may lead to severe deformity. These infections can affect new or old piercings. These infections are not fatal, but they can lead to pain and discharge.

It is important to keep the area clean after the piercing to avoid infection. You should wash your hands twice a day and avoid touching the piercing as this can introduce bacteria and aggravate the healing process. In addition, you should limit the amount of activity in your nostrils for two to four months. During the healing period, you should avoid touching the piercing site and should monitor the area closely for any pain or swelling.

Choosing a reputable piercer

The process of double nostril piercing involves the insertion of a piece of metal into the nostrils. While this procedure is generally considered safe, it is important to keep the wound clean to prevent infections. After the piercing, you should avoid touching the area for two to four weeks. The site should also not be changed during this time, as this may cause discomfort and skin discoloration.

Before undergoing the procedure, choose a piercer who is experienced in performing the procedure. You will want to ensure that they have the proper equipment and training to perform this procedure safely and accurately. Also, you should choose a piercer who specializes in safe and high-quality jewelry.

A reputable double nostril piercer will have the tools and experience necessary to complete the procedure without complications. The pros and cons of the procedure vary from person to person, so you must carefully choose the one that will suit your personality and skin type. A piercer will measure the shape of your nose before deciding on the appropriate size of the piercing.

Choosing a nose ring for a double nostril piercing

When choosing a nose chain for a double nostris piercing, you need to be sure it will be comfortable for you. It should be able to accommodate swelling and rotate fully without damaging your nostrils. You also need to make sure the jewelry is made from non-allergic materials, like surgical steel or titanium. Avoid using nickel or high-quality gold, which may harm the delicate tissue in your nose.

The first step is to measure your nose. You can do this with a ruler and paper. If you measure your nostril with a ruler, you can find out the inner diameter of the nostril. Mark that measurement. Add a millimeter if it is too tight.

Another important factor is where you want your nose piercing to be placed. You can choose between the left nostril and the right nostril. If you want one of the nostrils to be pierced, go for the thinnest part, as this is more likely to swell less. On the other hand, if you have thicker nostrils, you can choose a hoop or a stud.

Avoiding irritants after a nose piercing

After a nose piercing, it’s important to remember to avoid any irritants that could harm your new piercing. For example, you should avoid rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any other products that may irritate the area. It’s also important to avoid using cloth towels, as these can harbor bacteria and scratch or snag the jewelry, which may cause an infection.

Avoiding irritants after a nasal piercing is crucial for your healing process. Some types of irritants can cause swelling or a bump to form. To reduce swelling, cold packs can be helpful. However, you should never apply ice directly on the pierced area. Instead, wrap it in a white towel and apply it for about fifteen to thirty minutes. You should repeat this process at least two or three times daily.

In some cases, irritants can be mistaken for an allergic reaction. To prevent allergic reactions, make sure that you wear hypoallergenic jewelry. Hypoallergenic jewelry is designed to prevent allergic reactions, which can cause swelling and discharge. Most reputable piercers use hypoallergenic jewelry, but it is always a good idea to check the packaging for information on the product.

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