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For centuries, women in South Asia have adorned their noses with nose chains. In Hindu traditions, the bride wears one on her wedding night. The bridegroom then removes it, symbolizing the end of her virginity. Despite its controversial reputation, most people who get pierced noses do it out of aesthetics, not for sexual purposes. Instead, they choose to express their individual beauty and individuality.

Nose Piercing Chain
Nose Piercing Chain

snub nose

A nose chain is a piercing that is commonly used for aesthetic purposes. These piercings are most commonly found within the Gothic and Darkwave subcultures. Many dance pop musicians and other artists have used them to add to their look. They also have a small presence within the body modification and punk rock subcultures.

These piercings are made of metal and sometimes include a bead on one end. They are also often used in combination with an L-shaped nose ring. The L-shaped ring is secured inside the piercing by a metal band and has an outer ball. The nose ring should be snugly fitting, but not so tight that it slips out or falls out. It is best to purchase these nose rings after the nose piercing has healed.


Bull-holders are commonly used to hold cattle in place. The action is similar to that of pliers. The bull-holder can be twisted and pulled to control the animal. Bull-holders are commonly used on large cattle, but can also be used on smaller animals. These bull-holders often come with a chain or strap attached to the nose.

Bull-holders with chain pierc-ing noses have two main functions. They can be used for training and to control aggressive behavior. They are made of durable metal and come with a clamp and spring release on one end. Using one will give the bull handler more control and prevent the animal from being aggressive toward the handler.

Show-lead nose rings

Show-lead nose rings, also called bulldogs or nose grips, are commonly used on cattle in agricultural shows. They are self-locking nose rings that do not require piercing. They attach to the cow’s or horse’s halter and have a loop to attach a cord. The ring’s purpose is to prevent the animal from rooting its nose.

These nose rings are made from stainless steel, which is a durable metal. This type of nose ring is also affordable. Because it has an invisible layer of chromium, it resists corrosion and oxidation.

White gold nose rings

If you have a nickel allergy, you should avoid buying any white gold nose rings. These types of nose jewelry are made of 14k gold and are very similar to silver. However, you should make sure to purchase a nickel-free gold ring. This will help protect your skin and avoid allergic reactions.

These nose rings can be found in a variety of styles, including seamless, segmented, horseshoe-shaped, ball-closure, and more. They can be incredibly durable, and are also great for everyday wear. They are available in different gauges, from two to twenty gauge.

Indian nose rings

Indian women often wear chain-pierced nose rings as part of their wedding finery. The nose ring is also considered to represent freedom and individuality among young women. The hippie movement also influenced the practice of nose piercings in India. Ayurveda’s text, the Sushruta Samhita, suggests that piercing the nose can help women’s health. In fact, the piercing of the left nostril, or marma, is said to improve the woman’s fertility and ease her menstrual pain.

Hindu nose ear piercing chain
Hindu nose ear piercing chain

In many parts of India, nose piercing is associated with social and economic status. In some states, the larger the nose ring, the more important the person is. In India, women enjoy wearing these traditional ornaments and nose rings are considered one of the most attractive. They make a woman appear sexy and seductive.

Austin bar piercing

Austin bar piercing is a horizontal piercing of the nose through the tip. The technique avoids exposing the nasal cavities and requires a skilled piercer. It can take up to three months to heal completely. The aftercare of an Austin bar piercing includes regular cleaning and disinfectant application, as well as careful hand-washing before handling the site.

Austin bar piercing is most commonly done with a standard piercing needle. Another type of septum piercing is called a septum piercing and involves a hole in the nasal septum. This piercing is done with a hollow, standard gauge piercing needle. The septum is healed in one to three months, depending on the type of jewelry used. Common septum piercing jewelry includes bead circular barbells, seamless hoops, and segment rings.

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